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Venus Envy, hails from Brisbane, Australia where they are renowned as one of the regions hardest working bands. With over 150 shows a year, they have  learnt how to adapt to life on the road and honed  their own sound . Their sophomore single release has been a long time coming and signifies a new and exciting path on their musical journey.

The band started in 2004 When guitarist Michael Geeves , a well known Brisbane singer songwriter and solo performer was coaxed by fans to put a band together. He invited a few mates along to jam live and the legend of  Venus Envy was born! 

After a few casual line ups and many beers later Michael cemented  his best mate and rhythmical power house Dan Crisafulli on drums and as fate should have it his younger brother music maestro Nathan Geeves joined them on bass. The plan was to be the most entertaining and hardest working band around. A perfect mix of talent, energy and youth with an obvious passion for performing live has attracted audiences hungry for real rock! No matter where they perform they continue to win more fans. Venus Envy are introducing a new generation back to the power of a live band.

September 2016 Venus Envy released their debut single “Brand New Day” digitally and independently. Brand New Day was instantly added Nationally to commercial and community radio stations and has been receiving weekly airplay across the numerous platforms ever since. In January 2017, Venus Envy on the back of the success of Brand New Day released their debut EP "Pass Go". "Brand New Day set a great platform and in 2017 we look forward to building on the success of it."

“Venus Envy prides itself as being a dynamic live band. “It’s great being at one with our audiences and finally our fans have the chance to get a hold of our music and hear us on radio”!



Brand New Day
Venus Envy Mini Doco

Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi




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