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Venus Envy - Brand New Day
Venus Envy Mini Doco
Gold On The Ceiling (Cover)



Venus Envy, (Michael Geeves, Nathan Geeves, Dan Crisfulli and George Lignos) hails from Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia where they are renowned as one of the regions hardest working and benchmark bands. With over 150 shows a year, they have learnt how to adapt to life on the road and honed their own sound.

Since the bands beginning the was simple, Be the most entertaining and hardest working band around. A perfect mix of talent, energy and youth with an obvious passion for performing live has attracted audiences hungry for real rock! No matter where they perform, they continue to win more fans. Venus Envy are introducing a new generation back to the power of a live band.

September 2016, Venus Envy released their debut single “Brand New Day” digitally and independently. The song was instantly added nationally to commercial and community radio and peaked at number two in the ARI Charts. The release of their Debut EP Pass Go in January 2017 has seen the profile of the band grow with their second single Dance (Like Everybody’s Watching You) attracting nation attention once again from national radio as well as appearances on The Channel 9 NRL Footy Show and their singles used on the upcoming season of Fat Pizza via Channel 7.

In March 2020 Venus Envy was signed to the Manick Label and will be releasing their new single “Ordinary” for in early 2021.

Venus Envy is the ultimate entertainment package that continues to set the benchmark everywhere they play. With options of Solo (Michael Geeves) Duo (Guitar and Vocals with the option of Drums, Bass or Keyboard) 3 and 4 piece band they have the experience and professionalism to take what you thought a live act could do to a new level.

Venus Envy prides itself as being a dynamic live band. “Each show is a privilege and an opportunity to create our own institution.”





MANAGEMENT -  The Pushworth Group 07 3715 6036



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